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January 2018 Osprey Steelhead

Columbia River B-Run Steelhead, Part 3
By Dave Moskowitz and Pete Soverel, The Conservation Angler
A continuation of an analysis of the state of wild B-run steelhead and their management on the Columbia River.

Carmel River (CA) Dam Removal Steelhead Recovery Update
By Tommy Williams (NOAA), Amy East (USGS) and Doug Smith (Cal State)
An update on how steelhead populations are faring on the Carmel River since the removal of San Clemente Dam in 2015.

Eel Grass Beds and Salmon Ecology
By Jonathan Moore, Michael Arbieder, Simon Fraser University
An article detailing the importance of eel grass beds to Pacific salmon and the potential threats they face based on the authors’ research on the Skeena River, BC.

Fall Chinook and Summer Steelhead “Travel” Gene and its implications for Restoration
By Mike Miller and Tasha Thompson, UC Davis
Based on their research, ‘immature’ spawners that spend a lengthy time in rivers before spawning may have developed their key ‘travel gene’ a long time ago during a one-time genetic event. This has significant potential ramifications for spring Chinook and summer steelhead restoration. If a run is extirpated on a river, it may be challenging to establish a new run of upriver spawners because the genetic code that causes the fish to key on that river may be gone.

Guest Column
The Ongoing Threat of Atlantic Salmon Farming off the PNW Coast
By Kurt Beardslee, Wild Fish Conservancy

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Hoh River Wild Steelhead, Jan '09
by Richard Burge

No one would have thought 20 years ago that Hoh River wild steelhead runs would ever face depletion. Even as the Skagit and other Puget Sound runs fell in the 1990's the Hoh population still looked like it could withstatnd its many environmental and fishery challenges. go to archives

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