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Does Washington's Statewide Steelhead Plan Matter?

By Pete Soverel

- Steelhead Committee, Federation of Fly Fishers -

Almost three years ago the Washington Fish & Wildlife Commission adopted a Statewide Steelhead Management Plan (SSMP) and its related Final Environmental Impact Statement. The SSMP explicitly places "the highest priority on the protection of wild steelhead and restoration of these stocks to healthy levels" and established the performance standards against which the SSMP should be measured -- "...steelhead program operations strategies must be carefully monitored to insure that the actions are restoring and maintaining abundance, distribution, diversity and long-term productivity to steelhead and their habitats."

The FFF Steelhead Committee had been directly involved in the twenty year process ( 1989-2008) to develop, approved and implement an actual plan to provide strategic guidance for managing steelhead resources. read more

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Hoh River Wild Steelhead, Jan '09
by Richard Burge

No one would have thought 20 years ago that Hoh River wild steelhead runs would ever face depletion. Even as the Skagit and other Puget Sound runs fell in the 1990's the Hoh population still looked like it could withstatnd its many environmental and fishery challenges. go to archives

California's Central Valley Salmon and Steelhead Trout Recovery Plan

by Michael Martin, Ph.D
Conservation Director, Merced Fly Fishing Club

Figure 2.

Central Valley historical distribution of steelhead. Documented historical evidence of steelhead in streams is shown with thick lines. Thin lines represent the expected steelhead distribution based on Chinook salmon distribution or absence of barriers above known steelhead populations. The entire gray area is an estimate of the historical range where steelhead likely occur. The gray shadowed areas on the map represent numerous small tributaries that are not individually shown (from McEwan, 2001; courtesy of California Department of Fish and Game). read more & download pdf

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