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History of THE OSPREY

The Steelhead committee of was founded in 1986 when a group of concerned anglers, recognizing declines in populations of wild steelhead joined forces to giving a voice to wild steelhead. The following year, the first issue of our newsletter The Osprey was published. Over the thirty-plus years of publication, wild salmon and steelhead populations up and down the West Coast of North America have continue to decline sharply. With few exceptions, wild salmon/steelhead populations are either already extinct or trending sharply towards extirpation. Current management practices, especially hatchery and harvest regimes, have not been effective in sustaining these Northwest icons. Clearly, reversing these alarming trends will not be accomplished easily or without dramatic, wholesale changes in current practices. In coming issues, The Osprey will address the causes for declines, management regimes that have failed to address effectively these causes and outline alternative strategies to begin the process of returning our wild salmon and steelhead to abundance on long-term sustainability supporting vibrant commercial, recreational and tribal fisheries for future generations. Editorial content will be guided by The Osprey management committee representing the partners and our team of distinguished scientific advisors: Rick Williams, Jack Stanford, Jim Lichatowich, Bill McMillan, and Michael Price. We know where the bodies are buried; we going to tell you; and encourage change.

We ask for your support, financial as well personal. The Conservation Angler is the fiscal agent for the Osprey. TCA is an IRS approved 501[c][3] charity. Please turn to the donation form on page 23 and subscribe/donate whatever you are able to help us continue to advocate for wild salmon and steelhead. All donations are tax deductible charitable donations. Donated funds are maintained in an Osprey account which is completely separate from other TCA funds. All donations will be used exclusively for supporting The Osprey. Please donate to our crusade to save and restore wild salmon and steelhead for present and future generations.

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