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Our mission is to advocate and educate on behalf of the persistence of wild steelhead and salmon

For over 20 years the FFI Steelhead Committee has brought a voice to wild steelhead throughout the Pacific Northwest. We advocate for the conservation of existing wild steelhead and salmon stocks and the restoration of degraded habitats and depressed runs. Through our publication The Osprey, we are able to provide a unique source of timely news and commentary regarding the management, science, and recovery of steelhead and salmon. We acknowledge the challenges that lay ahead for wild salmon and steelhead including the impacts of climate change, population growth, ill-advised dams and misguided hatchery production. However we are hopeful that with dedicated work on their behalf, salmon can recover and thrive in perpetuity.

To recover wild steelhead and salmon populations, it is crucial that wild fish advocates maintain a loud, and unified voice. We hope you will enjoy and learn from The Osprey's content and that it will help catalyze the growing chorus of passionate anglers and advocates working for a future with healthy populations of wild steelhead and salmon throughout their native range.

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